December 18, 2015

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

Last night we received the brand new January/February 2016 DIGITAL WoodenBoat issue. If you'd like to be reading it within minutes from right now, click #248 Digi. And of course we do have the tactile version, too: #248 Print. Also, if you renewed your WoodenBoat subscription and you ticked that checkbox to get the print version of Small Boats annual, that issue will ship with your Jan/Feb WoodenBoat.

Heads-up: There's a special offer out there for a digital WoodenBoat subscription. Regular price is $32.00, but for a limited time (I don't know how limited, but suggest you don't dilly-dally) it's $24.99... provided you order via this holiday offer link. Such a deal!

Ruminating about a gift that keeps on giving? Take a look at our sister publication, the on-line Small Boats Monthly gift subscription. What isn't readily apparent is just how many issues one actually gets to read, for the price. In addition to the two free issues ($29.99 instead of $35.88 for 12 issues) they get all (16) the back issues, to boot.

And lastly, if you're still not sure about the right gift, you're more than welcome to Contact Us for advice. Between just four of us at the Store, we have over 90 years (yikes!) of experience here. Here are a few customer favorites you might want to consider: No Ordinary Being, L. Francis Herreshoff, Paul Gartside's book, Shinto Rasp, Utili-key, Officer's Table Trivets, Rigger's knives, Waxed Tool Totes, Wooly Watch Caps, and of course a handsome wall calendar. And we're shipping same day or within 24 hours (including Saturday).

-Scot & Crew

ps: We're sending this last newsletter of the year a few days earlier than usual, so we can be unencumbered by the thought process later next week. G'bless Tommy and Ray.

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