March 18, 2015

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

There is a new book for all you catboat fans. Silent Maid is the story covering over eight decades, seven families, and one catboat. Low and behold, there's even a photo of Russ & Julia Manheimer's Sjogin in the book. (Sjogin gets around... she was also in the Paul Gartside Plans & Dreams book, and she's in the Relaunchings column in the current WB.) There's also an interesting article about the "new" Silent Maid in WoodenBoat 214. The new boat was built so the original could retire.

Three new tools have just landed here in Brooklin, and they've come all the way from New Jersey.

The first is one you may want two of. This 16 oz wooden mallet is made of hickory, and we're suggesting two because they are quite affordable, and odds are somebody in your household may pinch it for use in the kitchen.

The second item falls into that shop / kitchen category as well, but given their rock-bottom price, two may not be enough. Take a look at these stainless steel block scrapers.

And the third new item, also from CS Osborne, is a rugged ship scraper over 14" long, with a straight and curved scraper end. It's quite the hunk of steel.

Have you mentally fast-forwarded to June yet? We have, and not just because it's March in Maine. The WoodenBoat Show will once again take place at that fab facility, Mystic Seaport. There's already a Boat Show Poster (right sidebar) available for download, featuring Grayling. Come to the show and sing a round of Happy Birthday to Grayling... the old gal is turning 100.

And lastly, for a more immediate "fix" for boat showiness, head for Portland Maine this weekend, because that right of spring, The Maine Boatbuilder's Show is happening. It's packed with boats, and booths, and yes, WoodenBoat staff will be exhibitionists there as well.

-Scot & Crew

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