March 4, 2015

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

This past Sunday, the March issue of Small Boats Monthly was released. This edition includes the International 12s (with some neat video footage) as well as a piece on racing Snekker. If you've read the March/April issue of WoodenBoat, you will have seen Evelyn Ansel's article on the Norwegian craft. In the March Small Boats Monthly she continues the story, featuring the sailing/racing side of things. The March reader-built boat is an exceptionally handsome Wee Rob canoe. When you see the shop from whence it came, it's pretty easy to understand how someone can make a floating object to such inspiring standards. Also interesting with that piece is the fact that editor Chris Cunningham added more photos of the shop per a reader's comments. It's the way life should be. And hopefully you are realizing if you have not yet signed-up, you're literally missing (yes...) the boat. That's easily cured. Just click Subscribe to SBM, and you'll see the link at the top of the page.

Interested in old tools? We just picked-up two books which may be for you. One is Restoring Old Tools and the other is a scholarly yet interesting book about a 1000 year old toolbox chock full of tools: A Viking Era Tool Chest. And no, that "Restoring Old Tools" book isn't going to be helpful on the Viking era stuff.

And speaking of "old" tools... we used to offer these, then they stopped making them, but they're making them again, so we are carrying them again! We're talking about the DMT three stone boxed set (3 grits) for your tool sharpening pleasure.

And lastly, if you're looking for rugged scrapers, we now have the CS Osborne series: two triangular, and one oval/tear-drop. We also have the replacement blades. These have wood handles, so no need to worry about them melting (like plastic handled scrapers) if you're using them with a heat gun.

-Scot & Crew

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