January 7, 2015

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

We begin with a reminder that January is one of those prime subscription renewal months, being the start of a brand new year. We'd hate to have your sub lapse, and we have an easy way to take care of that. Click WoodenBoat subscription.

At last, we have the digital version of the annual publication Small Boats for 2015. For those of you who have been semi-patiently waiting, just click Small Boats 2015 DIGITAL to get the instant download version. It's identical to the print version, minus the postage and delivery time--which can be quite lengthy for the overseas folks.

Another digital item now available is the Jan/Feb WoodenBoat. And, although this issue does not have a Getting Started supplement, the word from above is Getting Started will be back in the March/April issue. If you're not fully versed with that supplement, we have the past issues in our Getting Started Digitals section.

One will get you five. When looking at the latest issue of Small Boats MONTHLY, (the digital-only magazine from WoodenBoat and editor Chris Cunningham) we were reminded that if you've not yet signed-up (it's $2.99 a month) you can actually read all the back issues as well--so even if you're a bit late to the party, you haven't missed out. The current issue includes a piece on John Welsford's "Sweet Pea" design, written by Tom Pamperin. Tom happens to be the author of the new book Jagular Goes Everywhere which is in our "good read" section.

We've mentioned this one before, but, it's such a nice (500+ pages fat) book chock-full of wonderful, we'd feel just awful if you missed out. We have a few copies of the book No Ordinary Being at the old $45.00 price. When those are gone, we're breaking into the latest shipment, and those books will be $65.00.

And lastly, we thought you might like to see a neat building "thread" on our WoodenBoat Forum titled "Shantyboat for Two". If shantyboats/houseboats do it for you, there's more about them in WB 224 as well as the Harlan Hubbard book Shantyboat and the well-done Hubbard DVD Wonder.

Wishing all of you a bright and healthy 2015,
-Scot & Crew

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