December 3, 2014

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

While this brand new book fits into the Good Read, or the History, or Designs sections, it could just as easily fit into a "Must Read" section. No Ordinary Being was written by Llewellyn Howland III, and published by David Godine. The life of the multi-talented Starling Burgess is covered in the 500+ pages. It's fabulous, and it's in-stock, and it's just $45, which Godine knows is a steal. That's why the price goes to $65.00 come January 1. Don't feel bad if you hesitate now and pay the $65.00 later, as it's still worth it. BUT, you might feel worse if, in six months from now the book is out of print and you don't have a copy. You might recall that happening with Godine's book "Lines" about Sparkman & Stephens.

We have more digital items available. The latest Getting Started in Boats (#49) is now posted, plus you'll see you can get digital "sets" of the Getting Started series. The latest Professional BoatBuilder #152 (our sister publication to the trade) is also ready for downloading. And, we've just added another boat plan. The 12'-4" Yankee Tender plans are now in digtial download format, and include 16 pages of supplemental material to help you understand the process.

The December issue of Small Boats Monthly just went live, so if you are already a subscriber, you can be reading about that 16' deep-v runabout right now. And, if you have yet to sign-on ($2.99 a month) a very nice feature is all the past issues are available to you once you subscribe. Click SBM. Such a deal!

And lastly, while most folks are thinking Christmas holiday events, we have a couple of reasons to start thinking about summer 2015. Our WoodenBoat School courses for 2015 have just been posted on-line. Click School Days to see the fun. And, while you're perusing classes and instructors, you might take notice of how striking the School's site looks. Granted, having a photogenic setting certainly helps, but, it's the talent/efforts of long-time staff designer Greg Summers, that make those pages such an appealing way to spend your lunch hour. And the other summertime event to consider: a WoodenBoat sponsored Maritime Tour of the River Nile August 9-20th which includes staying aboard a steam-driven Edwardian style paddle wheeler.

-Scot & Crew

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