November 19, 2014

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

If you were one of the many folks so keenly interested in the new Paul Gartside book Plans & Dreams, that you ordered in advance, we've shipped your order! Books arrived even earlier than we anticipated and we've been getting those orders out our door, so they can arrive at yours. "Exceeds expectations" is my guess as to upcoming comments once readers have books in hand.

Do you like interesting old books, and happen to be a subscriber to WoodenBoat? You now have an ever-growing resource at your fingertips--our very own WB Library. The Subscriber Section of the site is beginning to add book content, pointing out some of the unique publications from the WB collection, including the Charles Davis 1906 book, How to Design a Yacht, and Charles Pears artwork like "The Ladie's Race" from 1920, and more. You'll continue to find interesting bits as the Library is absolutely chock-full of this kind of unique and rare material. And no doubt "new" (meaning really old) content will be constantly updated.

Another brand-new arrival in the "good books" section is Robert H. Baker: A Legacy of Small Craft. Pubished by his daughter Sarah, and written by Bob's widow, Anne (aka "Pete") Baker. Born in 1927, Bob was just 56 when he died, yet readers of WoodenBoat will likely be aware of Robert Baker's influence, even if they didn't realize it prior to reading the book. From Jon Wilson: "Bob loved things traditional, and taught others to love them, but he was not bound by tradition. His unfailing eye for proportion and detail was thus the object of considerable admiration for all who knew him. Bob spent his life with boats, sailing them, drawing them, restoring them, and, whenever possible, taking lines off them. His plans and drawings are a reflection of his love and understanding of design and of the sea."

Last year we added a category to our Store Site's sidebar so folks had an easy place to find items that fit in that "good things/small packages" mode. We've brought back that section, updated, and named it "Stocking Stuffers". Doesn't everybody need a nice scratch awl?

And lastly, we have a long, slow, and wonderful video from the UK's Norfolk Broads Three River Race. Posted on our ever-active WoodenBoat Forum, it's under the People & Places section. This is called 13 minutes of heaven.

-Scot & Crew

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