October 22, 2014

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

We'll start off with something fantastic, something absolutely wonderful, and of course, it's something we don't have. Yet. But you can get a preview, and even order right now, if you trust our promise to ship as soon as it arrives in late November/early December. What's the item? A new book by designer (and builder) extraordinaire, Paul Gartside. However, once you get the book, consider limiting yourself to just one chapter per day. Any more than that and we're not responsible for that pop in your pulse rate. Or your lumber supply. Click Plans and Dreams.

We do have several new items which are not only available, but available to you within minutes of reading this note: Digital WoodenBoat 241, November /December. (Yes, we also have the print version of WB 241.) That great cover photo is of the CHARLES W. MORGAN.

More "get it right now" items: Oar Plans, which have measured drawings for five different oars, as well as how to fashion a useful gauge for making square stock into round stock. Plus we have the plans and instructions for building the Friendship Sloop Model Amy Payson. Not exactly a beginner project, she's built bread-n-butter fashion. If you've been to our WoodenBoat School, this big model sits atop the mantel at the boat house, and is frequently used to help teach about boats/points of sail. Both of the oar plans and the Amy Payson are now available as digital downloads.

And lastly, this just in from editor Chris Cunningham: the new issue of Small Boats Monthly will include an inexpensive updated version of a 1920s Friendship catboat, a reader-built cold-molded Herreshoff Coquina, a trip to the Everglades, and more. "SBM" is our new digital (on-line) magazine. Subscribe now and you'll also be able to read the past issues. Such a deal.

-Scot & Crew

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