September 24, 2014

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

If you're amongst the wait-ees for the next issue of Mike O'Brien's Boat Design Quarterly, your magazine just came in. And it's here in two formats: Print BDQ 44 as well as instant delivery in PDF format, Digital BDQ 44. And yes, you are allowed to get both.

Also now in stock: All five of the calendars we are offering for 2015. Alison Langley's Nautical Images is the new kid on the block. Plus you'll notice the desk calendar, The Mariner's Book of Days which we first published in 1992, has now ceased, as our old friend "Uncle Pete" has retired.

And, although it's not exactly a secret, we do publish another magazine (yes, 25 years now...) called Professional BoatBuilder. It's geared for the manufacturing trade, and includes boats of all hull materials. And yes, it leans toward the technical side. We thought you might want to take a gander, so, for the next week, you can get a free download by clicking PBB-150.

Congrats to our WoodenBoat School students and staff for making this a heckuva a season. Sad to say the final week for this year (on-site) is upon us. If you're thinking about honing skills for 2015, course schedules should be up on the School site in late November. And, there are a few slots open for some off-site courses coming up soon, in Maryland.

Thanks to all of you who signed-up for the inaugural issue of Small Boats Monthly. It's been very well received so far. AND, if you did sign-up, remember that come October 1st (that's just one week from today...) you can see the second issue as well as the first.

And lastly, about a year and a half ago we mentioned a posting on our WoodenBoat Forum, which continues to amaze. Do drop-in to "Rebuilding Haabet" and Haabet's remarkable family. There are now over 500 posts and 89,000 views of that thread.

-Scot & Crew

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