September 10, 2014

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

Fortunately for us all, Dick Wynne, publisher of Lodestar Books in the UK, continues to bring back books that deserve to be read. We just received three new titles: Swin, Swale, Swatchways (originally published in 1892), Under the Cabin Lamp, and The Lugworm Chronicles. If you click the links, you'll be able to download samples pages as an enticement.

And not that we really want to start thinking about it just yet, but we probably should... "Putting Your Boat to Bed" is the topic covered in the newest edition of Getting Started in Boats. It's issue #48 in the series of 8 page briefs covering all things boaty, and is available as an instant download.

Another handy file you can download is our newest WoodenBoat Store catalog. Of course it's a freebie, and we've linked each item, should you want more info or to order from our site.

Last item is a heads-up about our new publication. It's digital, comes out every single month, and is delivered to your favorite electronic gadgetry. Called Small Boats Monthly, it launched this past week, with the premier issue featuring an "oh my" Sam Crocker outboard skiff, plus there's a piece on a Bevins Skiff family, as well as exploring Alaska via Caledonia Yawl, gear reviews, and more. Sign-up is super easy. You subscribe on-line for $2.99 per month, and have instant access, plus you'll have access to past issues as long as you're a subber. And, in that "evergreen" mode, your monthly subscription automatically renews (no wasteful snail-mail notices in your mail slot), yet should you decide to end your subscription... that happens just as fast as subscribing. Click Small Boats Monthly for a preview, and to subscribe. This new publication is headed-up by former long-time Sea Kayaker magazine editor Chris Cunningham. You probably just read his article in WoodenBoat #240 on the Thames Waterman's Stroke. Or perhaps you read about Chris in our July 30 e-newsletter.

-Scot & Crew

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