August 27, 2014

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

We now have the third digital set of plans in the Phil Thiel Canal Boat series... JOLIBOAT is a 22'-9" design. We added his ESCARGOT and FRIEND-SHIP to our collection a few weeks ago. These plans are in digital format, which can be downloaded from our site. Print on 11"x17" paper and Bob's your uncle.

The latest issue of WoodenBoat, September/October #240 is now available as a digital download, or as a printed issue. Or from your local newsstand. Granted, you could subscribe and have the magazine land via your front door mail-slot as well as your laptop, iPad, or favorite electronic gizmo.

Another new item: we just received The Uqbar Dinghy book, which is a guide to building seven different very inexpensive dinghies.

A big thanks to all who celebrated here in Brooklin, for WoodenBoat's 40th Anniversary. The folks who ran the lobster and BBQ dinners were exceptionally pleased with the super turn-out, as all proceeds went to good causes. The other big hit was the series of tours, and especially the boat yard tours, held Thursday and Friday. The Boatyard Crawl took the better part of three hours, visiting yards of Brion Rieff, Eric Jacobssen, John Brooks, Doug Hylan, Steve White, and Eric Dow. Chatting with folks post-tour was fun as they were so pumped-up by the experience.

Coming up in less than two weeks is one more public event at our waterfront. The annual Schooner Sail-in is happening Tuesday afternoon, September 9. Typically a dozen or more of the Maine Windjammer Fleet come to Great Cove. Combine a bunch of boats, music, and refreshments, and you can't go wrong unless you forget your camera.

-Scot & Crew

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