August 13, 2014

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

There's good news in the book publishing biz, as Mystic Seaport has just released the updated version of The Whaleboat. Originally published in 1970, this has been expanded by the author's son, Walt Ansel, and Walt's daughter Evelyn (see our Sept 25, 2013 Newsletter for a video of boat carpenters Walt and Evelyn). The book arrives in timely fashion, with the relaunching of the CHARLES W. MORGAN, and a fleet of whaleboats the Morgan now carries.

Also just arrived: decorative signal flags. Pick any letter of the alphabet, they're $11.95 each, measure 10"x14" and come with loops and toggles to connect. Especially nice for the kiddo's room.

If you've been to our neck of the woods before, you may have noticed it's kind of nice here. Should your mind's eye image of the area need some refreshing, we have just the ticket: artist Tom Curry's notecard sets, which feature many vistas of the area. Short on boats, but long on ahhhhhhhh.

Speaking of "this area", Thursday August 21 at 7pm in Blue Hill, at the Public Library, there is a talk/slideshow by designer Bob Stephens, titled What Makes a Beautiful Boat. You've likely seen Bob's designs in WoodenBoat, and read his frequent contributions in the Designs section of the magazine.

And last but not least... one more very local event, as part of our WoodenBoat 40th Anniversary Celebration, there is the "Three Hour Tour" of local boatyards in Brooklin, Maine. Drop Robin a note,, to let her know if you want in on the action. It's coming right up: tomorrow, Thursday 10am and Friday at 10am, meeting on the WoodenBoat Campus, at The WoodenBoat Store. Groups will be guided through several yards, and if it's an overflow crowd, more tour times will be added.

-Scot & Crew

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