July 16, 2014

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

We're pleased to welcome back a book which has been out of print for several years: Rollin Thurlow's Wood & Canvas Canoe. Rollin does business as Northwoods Canoe, in Atkinson, Maine, and understands these boats inside and out. If you've lusted after one of those gorgeous canoes, Rollin's book may spark you into action.

Another welcome return is the annual Calendar of Wooden Boats. The 2015 edition is now available, so if you can't wait, you don't have to. Just claim you're doing some early holiday shopping. Ben Mendlowitz strikes the "oh-my" chords once again with stunning photography, and Maynard Bray continues to give you the personal tour via insightful captions.

We've also added a new "Comfort Colors" T-shirt to our line-up. Several folks let us know our shirt color collage was minus a very boaty color combo... White with Blue logo. We've fixed that.

And, if you're in need of a bit of entertainment, you might take a peak at a thread on our WoodenBoat Forum titled I want to build airplane lifting wheels into my boat I'm building, but don't know how. Posted by "Little Idea", of Poole, England, the first line of the post reads: "My old boat got too small, so I found some wood dad was hiding and Im building myself a new one." Irresistible.

And finally, if your growling stomach and 1020 converge in Brooklin, Maine in mid-August, do drop in for a lobster dinner here at the WoodenBoat Campus, or at the Brooklin Fire Department in the center of "town" for a big BBQ Buffet. We've got your Din-Din Ticket. For details about the weekend's events, click WB Open House.

-Scot & Crew

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