June 4, 2014

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

The New New Things: We have just received our "Still Boat Crazy" T-shirts. They're khaki with a chocolate brown logo on the front, like our original Ts from the 1970s. On the back: "Still Boat Crazy After All These Years." And for your more formal attire (well, formal to us) we've also added a couple of new polo shirts. They're all cotton, pique mesh, and come in Blueberry and Navy.

Lest we forget the kiddos (or you tiny-headed folks) we now have Nautical Red and Slate Blue Kid-sized Caps.

Tah-Dah! Navy Blue Burgees are back! Well made, they're beautifully embroidered with the WoodenBoat logo (both sides), swallow-tail design, approximately 12" x 18". Add a burgee and a Streamer to your boat, and you'll be all spiffed-up.

There's also a brand new book out titled Victura about the Kennedy's Wianno Senior. We have it in stock, and it's reviewed by highly-regarded Stan Grayson (author of Wianno Senior Story) in the upcoming July/August issue of WoodenBoat.

While we will bring all of these new items to The WoodenBoat Show at the end of this month, you can also pre-order anything we carry, and specify "Pick up at The WoodenBoat Show" as a ship method. That way you don't have to worry about our not bringing, or selling out before you get to our booth. We'll have lots of Store items at the show, but not everything everything we offer. So if you pre-order, we'll have it there waiting for you, and we can hang onto your order until you're ready to exit the Show for the day.

And lastly, there are two areas of the WoodenBoat site you may want to pop into: Reuel Parker's informative post on hurricane preparedness as well as the Market Place Boats for Sale section, where there are some crazy-good bargains—the kind you kick yourself for passing up. The kind that your buddies don't believe you when you tell them about the deal. The kind that might just be the once or twice in a lifetime kind of opportunity. Really. That good.

-Scot & Crew

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