March 12, 2014

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

It's not a bad idea to add a bit more fun to your sailing. We'll help nudge you in that direction with our new Red Streamers. They're 3-1/2 inches wide by 9 feet long, ready to fly from the leech of your main, from a pigstick, or a halyard. Made of rip-stop nylon, they have heat-sealed edges, two brass grommets, and a swallow-tail end. All at a very reasonable price.

Roasts, Toasts, and Boasts: If you're thinking about going to The WoodenBoat Show at the end of June, consider coming to our 40th Anniversary dinner with the Illuminati. Included is our farewell to long-time Publisher Carl Cramer, and Art Director Olga Lange, each of whom retires at the end of this month. Word is there will be an "open mike", so bring your guitar and kazoo. Click Dinner Tickets for more.

If you're reading your copy of WoodenBoat magazine, and you've wondered what else we've published on the topic, librarian extraordinaire and poster of all things WB Facebook, Pat Lown has recently updated the Index. You can access it free, on-line, or, for the princely fee of $1.95, you can download the latest version in PDF format. The download is searchable, and has the advantage of appearing like the old print version instead of a database. That way you can look over other alpha topics. Click Downloadable Index

And finally, if you've not seen Starling murmurations before, a couple are posted on our very active WoodenBoat Forum. Click Wow!

-Scot & Crew

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