February 26, 2014

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

Whew! Our Quick Launch Boarding Ladders are once again available. We thought they were either gone forever or were to take a price hike. Fortunately our new distributor is able to keep supplies available, and maintain costs.

There's a bit of bad news in the 'scarcity' side of things. Boatbuilder's Apprentice is in very short supply, the publisher lists it as out of stock/no reprint date. Our manufacturer for those nice Yellow-Black Reversible Nylon-Fleece Vests discontinued that color, so we have a limited supply of those. Same thing with our handsome Stainless Steel Desk Mugs with the lids. And, our Slipcases for WoodenBoat magazine may be on their way out as the folks who manufacture for us folded their tent, and the other potential makers are more than double the price. And some good news--a book that has been out of print is back: Boats with an Open Mind, by Phil Bolger is now in stock.

Last month we mentioned just receiving the new book by Herb McCormick, As Long as It's Fun—about Lin and Larry Pardey... and low and behold, the Wall Street Journal recently reviewed. We hear they're already needing to go back to press.

If you haven't added your boat to our Register of Wooden Boats because your boat was under 20 feet, that requirement has been reduced to 10 feet minimum length for your wooden hulled boat. So get "registered" and don't forget to include several photos. This service is available to you at the low low price of zero dollars.

And lastly, to get the skinny on our June WoodenBoat Show, click WBShow Newsletter to sign-up for the low-down from Queen of the Hop, Laura Sherman. In a previous newsletter, she tells about the Herreshoff tribute happening during the Show. And don't forget, you can order discounted three-day tickets from us by clicking Show Tix.

-Scot & Crew

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