January 15, 2014

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

We have a new arrival from Lodestar (UK) publisher Dick Wynne: Sea-Boats, Oars, and Sails, which is a reprint of the 1941 Conor O'Brien book. The clever Mr. Wynne added new photos and drawings to handsomely illustrate the book. Lodestar specializes in reviving good books from the past, paying special attention to good reproduction.

Also just received, all the way from Idaho: Lacewood Wooden Sunglasses. Created by the folks at Proof Eyewear, they are well-designed, lightweight, comfortable, have polarized lenses, and, they're WOOD. Wooden box plus soft pouch included.

In case you missed-out, we now have a fresh supply of Utili-Keys, which sold out in early December. Small, inexpensive, and if you ever have to slice-open a package or turn a small screw, nothing is handier.

What does a sailmaker do in the middle of winter? If you're Todd Bradshaw (author of the fabulous Canoe Rig book), you create a life-sized Big Foot. And yes, he's posted it on our WoodenBoat Forum.

And finally, through the magic of the internet, you too can listen to Maine Public Radio. And if you tune-in to the "Maine Calling" show from noon to 1:00 on Thursday the 16th, you can hear author Peter Korn. He wrote the interesting book Why We Make Things and Why It Matters. Yes, we have copies in stock, but don't dilly-dally. Per publisher extraordinaire David Godine, this new book is doing so well, they're already gearing-up to go back on press.

-Scot & Crew

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