January 1, 2014

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

It's been a very good year here at WoodenBoat Publications, and we're appreciative to you all for your boat desires, be it arm-chair or on-board, in your shop, via our On-line Launchings, active Forum, My Wooden Boat of the Week, or simply posting to our WB Facebook section.

And, although it's no secret, one of the tippy-top things from WoodenBoat is the total immersion aspect, meaning our WoodenBoat School. We mention this today as registration for Summer 2014 opens on January 2, by telephone (207-359-4651). And yes, many operators will be standing by at 8am eastern (-5 GMT). Before you pick up the phone, go over the schedule, and have a couple of options at the ready. Click Download Catalog, and scroll-down to the link. Your week (or two...) at the school will hands-down be the best time you spend for 2014. It's one of those "exceeds expectations" deals. If you've not been to this area, one more perspective (if you have about 4 minutes) is Blue Moon, Blue Maine to give you a feel for the peninsula.

Another item for your summer calendar planning is our annual WoodenBoat Show, held at Mystic Seaport, in Mystic CT, the last weekend of June. And yes, you can order three-day tickets now, and save a bit of money. You'll pick-up your advance tickets at the brightly decorated WoodenBoat table at the main entrance.

Speaking of calendars, if that certain someone overlooked your annual wall-candy fix, fret not. Click 2014 and we'll ship to your door (or mailbox).

And lastly, if you've not found it at your local bookshop or newsstand, we have the Small Boats 2014 issue at our Store, in the print or the digital version. (If you order the print, and select First Class delivery, you'll save some shipping money.)

Happy New Year to All
-Scot & Crew

ps: We're taking the day off for the New Year's holiday, but our Site will be open, and we'll resume shipping orders on Thursday the 2nd.
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