December 17, 2013

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

Good news: the Royal Lowell lobsterboat models are once again available. These aren't kits, but instead finished models, and at 18" LOA and a 6" beam, they're an easy display size. Wicked handsome, traditional Down East styled, with one downside: this is a limited run.

Although we won't dwell upon our current temperatures, today's appropriate attire should certainly include this all-wool black watch cap, now with Ivory embroidered WoodenBoat logo.

The cover shot of the new Jan/Feb WoodenBoat magazine is also appropriate for our chilly weather. Look for it on your local newsstand, or order the PRINT version directly from us. Want to be reading it in just a few minutes? Order the digital (PDF) version right now. And, if having someone bring it directly to you each time a new issue is printed, there's that whole SUBSCRIBE thing. Amazing. Tell us once, and we keep delivering to your mailbox for a full year (or two, or three).

And, if you're a fan of the Getting Started series, the latest is available as a digital download. Click Getting Started 44. Plus you can instantly get past issues and sets!

We've recently added a section to our Site for this season, featuring "smaller" items. If you're stumped for some little extras, take a look at Stocking Stuffers

And finally, if you are wondering about ordering something for holiday delivery, fret not. Our mavens of mail-order are in full-swing, and we're shipping same day / within 24 hours. And, shipping from beautiful downtown Brooklin, Maine means if you're anywhere in the US, and you select Priority Mail, most deliveries land within 2-3 days. The Post Office is getting VERY good at this speedy delivery thing.

-Scot & Crew

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