December 4, 2013

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

The title is a bit understated. Nautical Images is a new wall calendar featuring wooden boats, from the talented Alison Langley. Measuring 9" x 9" (opens to 9" x 18") it's sized in between the mini and what we tend to think of as full-sized. Hot off the press just a few weeks ago, this is the first year for Nautical Images and it's a tad late in the calendar game for this season. But perhaps that increases the odds of it being a unique gift.

Another new publication: Epoxy Basics. This is the print version of the very popular digital Epoxy Basics by Russell Brown. And this edition (print and digital) now includes new content about corner treatments. Since we began offering this in mid-August, we have received a bunch of comments from appreciative customers telling us what a helpful and well-done piece this is.

Now available for instant download/reading: Digital Download Small Boats 2014. You're probably aware that it's on the newsstand, and that Small Boats 2014 PRINT is available directly from us. Tip: if you order the print version from us, look at all the shipping options. First Class mail is not the fastest delivery, but it is the cheapest.

We reported a couple of weeks ago about being sold out of the print edition of MotorBoats 2013. Not so. We found a box squirreled away. But if you want a print edition, don't dilly-dally. Granted, we do have the Digi Download MotorBoats 2013 at the ready.

Now that esteemed WoodenBoat magazine publisher, Mr. Carl Cramer is back in the US of A after his extended trip to Amsterdam, his My Wooden Boat of the Week feature is back on track. Check out the latest by clicking MWBoTW. Shouldn't every house have their first floor be the boatbuilding shop?

-Scot & Crew

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