September 25, 2013

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

We love it when handsome books make their way into print. The Workboats of Core Sound is just such a book, and it landed yesterday at our Store. Written and beautifully photographed by Lawrence Early, the book was produced in duotone for folks who like the look and feel of nice books. You may have gotten a taste for Mr. Early's work with his piece on the topic in WB 215. Or maybe you saw an earlier article with the incredible artwork of Robert B. Dance on the Core Sounders, shown in WB 170. The downside? This type of book is typically a short print run.

If you are inclined to do a bit more than doodles of your dream boat, we've just added a couple of good yet inexpensive items from the folks at Alvin. We have set of French Curves for those elegant lines, as well as a dusting brush to keep your work surface clean. And, although we've offered an architect's scale, as well as a super-handy pencil sharpener for a few years, you might want to keep them in mind as well.

Have you looked-in on our WoodenBoat School? See Walt 'n Evelyn as they chat about -- as well as demo -- caulking techniques. The School is in their final week of courses for the 2013 season here on the WoodenBoat campus, although there is still an opening in mid-October for the Petrel course held Off-Site. I believe this year The WoodenBoat School hosted more students than ever (that's your hint about signing up early for 2014.) That 2014 schedule should be on-site in early December, and reservations start the first business day of January.

And finally, if you've not seen our latest catalog, click Catalog Download for a PDF version, ever so slightly tricked-out, as you can click on an item to get more info than we seem to be able to fit on the printed page. You'll be linked directly to the item on our site.

-Scot & Crew

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