August 28, 2013

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

We've just received stock from the Dynamite Payson family of Dynamite's book titled Go Build Your Own Boat. Published in the late 1980s, it's a book with a commanding title, and a book that encourages, perhaps even pushes you to get building. It's now on our stock room shelves and back in circulation.

A couple of small--but good--new books are now available: Reeds Knot Handbook has color photos and drawings, is a compact 4x6-1/4" size, and $9.95 price tag. The other new book is Racing Rules of Sailing for 2013-2016. ISAF rules, plus explanations of rules and study cases. Just in case you want to be up-to-snuff on the race thing.

The latest in our "Getting Started" series is now available as a digital download. Volume #42 is from the Sept/October issue of WoodenBoat and gives an overview of the boating "rules of the road." If you're new to the Getting Started series, click View All to see all of the issues.

A few things to point out on the WoodenBoat site's calendar section: The annual Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend Washington is coming up Sept 6-8, and yes, WoodenBoat editors will be there. And, if you might be planning to come to our neck of the woods in the near future, Tuesday September 10 is the Annual Schooner Sail-in. Over a dozen windjammers gather at the WoodenBoat waterfront. Bring your camera, and your dancing shoes.

And lastly, if you happen to be from or around the Boothbay Maine area, and would like to raise your hand in favor of the small boatbuilder, you could get to their town hall tonight at 6:00pm. They are looking for public comment, regarding the petition to allow David Stimson's boat yard to stay where it's been for the last 30 years.

-Scot & Crew

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