To: WoodenBoat Devotees

Every twice in awhile we get something before we think it will arrive, and that's the case with the new 2013 MotorBoats issue. It was due by the end of July, but we have it in stock right now. If you've already ordered, it's en-route, and it will be hitting the newsstands very soon. This is not a ten-year retrospective as was last year's edition. It's boats not shown before, and quite the interesting mix. Plus there are articles on choosing between 2 and 4 stroke engines, as well as info on props, and cruising waterways from around the world. And, while many of us have been told not to judge a book by its cover... we'll make an exception this time around. That is a killer photo — maybe in the top 10 of WoodenBoat Publications covers. Want to order it now? Click MotorBoats 2013.

Another new item recently available: Getting Started 41. It's the digital download version of what is included in the latest issue of WoodenBoat and is all about compasses, in an old-style black & white cartoon format. Let us know what you think of that format.

Looking for some good books for the kiddos? Here's a range of books on boats, building, knots, pirates, and dreams. Click Kid Collection to see what you're missing.

In the "this is going to be interesting" mode, you might want to drop-in on this thread on our WoodenBoat Forum: Quadrant, which is a steering quadrant build for a 28' catboat. Perhaps those of us lacking such talent aren't so unfortunate after all... as we get to be awe-struck.

And lastly, if looking at two or three hulls has multiple benefits for you too, see WoodenBoat Publisher Carl Cramer's My Wooden Boat of the Week... as the most recent two postings feature multis. By the way, if you're wondering for what we offer in our Store on multis, you can type multihull (or trimaran, or catamaran) into our search field on our Store homepage, near the upper right of the page.

-Scot & Crew

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