March 13, 2019
To: WoodenBoat Devotees

New! A curved drawknife has just been added to our tool group. This is from the good folks at Narex tools. If you're not familiar with Narex, they are a highly regarded, well established manufacturer in the Czech Republic. The drawknife includes leather sheath.

Also new, and also from Narex: three new mallets. They're a bit like clamps, you can never have enough. We now have a Round Carver's Mallet, a Brass Head Mallet, and a slant faced Joiner's Mallet.

While they're not for everybody, we are producing print versions of the Getting Started in Boats series, in sets of 20. Getting Started is included in issues of WoodenBoat, and we have them as individual downloads for $1.95 each, as well as sets of 20 in a download for $35.00. We now have Volume 1 (1-20) and Volume 2 (21-40) as a "print on demand" (POD) item for $70 each. We don't stock them, but instead get a copy printed upon demand, and in full color. Our first customer was quite pleased with the results and is waiting on Volumes 2 and 3 to arrive.

It's not really a secret, but we do wonder if folks who are fans of the Sketchbook column in are aware of the "extended content" on-line. It's kind of like tuning into "Washington Week", and then going on line to listen to the rest of the conversation. Although with print, it's not lack of airtime, it's lack of space and video. Check it out.

The tag line "Owned and Produced by Professional BoatBuilder" (which is owned and produced by WoodenBoat) is on the REFIT SHOW. And that show is coming up in just four weeks from now. So if you are in the trade and "refitting" boats, you may want to consider being in Fort Lauderdale April 10-11.

And lastly, we're here to cause trouble... in a good way. There are so many good deals on boats in our WoodenBoat site, you might just realize it's time to take that leap of faith, throw caution to the winds, take the plunge, and any other sayings you can think of, to get yourself, your family, and your friends on the water. View well over 150 wooden boats on the market (many "steals") on our Boats for Sale pages.

Scot & Crew

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