February 27, 2019
To: WoodenBoat Devotees

We now have plans in digital (PDF) format for the cold-molded Joel White design called MARSH CAT. When you click that link you'll see a video and very nice photo from a builder featured in Small Boats Monthly. Click MARSH CAT.

We just took delivery of something more geared for your house than boat. It's a knotted Door Stop, that was just too neat for us to pass-up. It's a bit big for a paperweight... unless you too have stacks o' paper like some of us. Click STOP IT for more.

Guessing "demand" when we send out these newsletters is always an interesting part of what we do here. We nailed it on the new L. Francis Herreshoff book (Vol 2), and didn't run out of stock, and got to claim "just in time" inventory. The same can't be said for the increased demand of the L. Francis book Volume 1. But we do have it back in stock now.

And lastly, in just a couple of days the new Small Boats Monthly will hit the ether. Editor Chris Cunningham sent us the rundown, and we were more than pleased to see he is covering JIM, recently launched by Peter Sibley in Australia. Peter has been a member of our on-line WoodenBoat Forum for 18 years, and although he has over 74,000 posts on the Forum, he has found time to actually build boats, and boatiful beauts at that. Click JIM for a lengthy thread. And, planning ahead, he commissioned designer Tony Dias to draw up plans for a 24' gaff yawl. Now there's a design that would interesting to see in the WoodenBoat design column! Click KATHLEEN GEE for more.

Scot & Crew

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