January 30, 2019
To: WoodenBoat Devotees

In the "Hey baby, it's cold outside..." mode of January in Maine, we have a new "sherpa fleece" scarf that's not only warm and fuzzy, it sports a chart of the Maine coast. So yes, it's a long scarf. Take a look.

If it hasn't yet dawned, there's a February 14 coming up in your near future. Consider Rubies and Emeralds, as they adorn these new Silver Channel Marker Earrings. Click Stirling.

Also new: silver prop earrings, and a silver propeller necklace. Earrings dangle from French wire hoops, and the necklace prop is on a stirling chain that adjusts from 16" to 18". Click Earrings or Necklace.

Last but certainly not least in the new silver jewelry mix: a silver sextant necklace. And yes, the index arm even moves. Click Sightings.

Ever wonder how that beautiful WoodenBoat logo came about? Get the skinny as told by WoodenBoat founder Jon Wilson. Click our Store site's About Us page. Plus there's a pano shot inside the Store.

Speaking of Mr. Wilson, if you are going to Tassie for the Wooden Boat Festival (Feb 8-11) Jon has been invited to be the keynote speaker. And, WoodenBoat editor Matt Murphy will also be attending, digging up stories. I'll bet when they tell us about the trip, they quote temps in C instead of F. "Oh my, it was 30 degrees."

The endless variety of boat designs seem to be matched by the endless variety of sails. For a quick taste of what can go into sail making, you might want to visit our WoodenBoat Forum thread Old Style Sailmaking.

And lastly, in just two days from now the new February issue of Small Boats Monthly goes live. In addition to several nice boats, including a neat reader built (and designed) outboard skiff, Christopher Cunningham's "From The Editor" piece is about DIY metalsmithing.

Scot & Crew

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