January 2, 2019
To: WoodenBoat Devotees

If you weren't already aware, today is opening bell for our WoodenBoat School registration. Check out the courses on the School Site, and then pick up the phone and give'm a call: 207 359 4651. Operators are standing by. Really. A bunch of extra folks in addition to Rich and Kim are at the ready. You can also download the course catalog by clicking DOWNLOAD IT.

Looking to see the sea we see? Our Boathouse Cam is up and running, in all kinds of weather, thanks to WB art director James Bartick. Aside from designing the magazine, you may have seen some of his DRONE FOOTAGE.

Now that it's finally 2019, you can order your 2019 calendars! We have several to get jazzed about, while supplies last. Click TAKE FIVE.

If you were looking for some of our oh-so nice Turks Head necklaces and bracelets, they are once again available. We ran into a demand exceeding supply scenario in late December, but we're stocked now. Click WOVEN.

We've just added a freebie downloadable book that was printed over 150 years ago--yet can still come in handy. It's the Nautical Dictionary and is packed (500+ pages) with all kinds of information. The subtitle alone is almost a page: "The technical language relative to the building and equipment of sailing vessels and steamers, seamanship, navigation, nautical astronomy, naval gunnery, maritime law and commerce, general and particular average and marine insurance, and other terms relaying to maritime affairs". Second edition, published in London, 1863. And yes, you can key word search it. Click FREEBIE.

Speaking of searches... we were recently reminded that not everyone knows about the on-line magazine index. Click INDEX to get there from here. It's the best way to put those past issues (over 260 of them!) to work for you. And it gets updated (thanks, Pat) each issue. So, now you know.

And lastly, we thought we'd start off the new year by sharing. If you click WIZARD, you can read the full article by Maynard Bray in the current issue of WoodenBoat. Because we have a digital subscription, we can use the "share" function, and make an article available to our friends. Hope you do the same.

Scot & Crew
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