September 26, 2018
To: WoodenBoat Devotees

If you've seen our latest catalog, you may have noticed a new women's v-neck shirt in Raspberry with tone-on-tone embroidery. As of yesterday we have the shirts in stock--all but the size small, which is due in another week. Click RASPBERRY.

Also in our catalog, we show our Sage Green fleece watch cap. And we now have several other colors to choose from (including Hot Pink), so have a look-see at FLEECE WATCH CAPS. And, these are logo'd by laser.

A raid in Norway short video has some nice footage of faerings under oar. No English subtitles, but it speaks boat loud and clear. Check out RAID on our WoodenBoat Forum.

The International Maritime Film Festival takes place in Bucksport, Maine this weekend, Friday September 28 thru Sunday the 30th. You'll find the rundown on our WB SITE.

One of the neat things about tagging along here at WoodenBoat over the years has been getting to meet the talent—designers, writers, builders, and artists. Sam Manning stopped in for a visit recently just to catch-up. You've likely seen his uniquely styled drawings in WoodenBoat, as well as in several books we (and others) publish. We were talking about a monograph published in 1983, written by Dynamite Payson, which Sam illustrated. Keeping the Cutting Edge is a book about saw sharpening, and Sam's drawings throughout the book truly make a huge difference in understanding how to go about this task. It is still one of the top selling books we publish. A remarkable run, due in large part to a remarkable, talented, and most gracious artist.

And lastly, you might be one of the folks who have contacted us in recent years asking where to buy WoodenBoat magazine. It's not in as many places as it used to be, and the blame is typically put on the magazine industry's shrinking newsstand business. We're looking to reverse that trend with a direct and simpler, more profitable way for businesses to sell this nice magazine. So, if you know of a store we should contact, please do let us know by responding to this email. And if they sign-up, just remember, there's no prize, no freebie issue or hat, not even an autographed photo of Mr. Wilson coming your way. You will have our true appreciation, local access to the magazine, and a smile on your face knowing you helped more people find one of your favorite publications.

Scot & Crew
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