July 4, 2018
To: WoodenBoat Devotees

Sometimes good books are revived after being out of print. Case in point is The Big Book of Wooden Boat Restoration, subtitled Basic Techniques, Maintenance, and Repair. It's now in softcover, and at a lower price than in the past.

Brand spankin' new, just arrived, hot off the press... our 2019 WoodenBoat School Engagement Calendar is now in stock. It's a desk calendar with a photo on the left-hand page, a week of days on the right hand page, and plenty o'space to jot your appointments. We were recently reminded by a customer that these make for a handy log book on-board, too. It's the same size and format as the old Mariner's Book of Days which ceased publication a few years ago.

The new July edition of Small Boats Monthly went live on Monday for your reading/viewing pleasure. Amongst the interesting articles is a piece from editor Christopher Cunningham about the advantages of being off-center... just to get your thought-wheels turning. Bonus: the long-awaited (and free) app for Small Boats Monthly is now available, so reading on your phone is quite handy.

There's an Annabelle SOF (skin-on-frame) build happening on the Forum. And coincidentally, this past week a student in our WoodenBoat School car-topped his Annabelle here. He commented how easily it rows using 6'6" oars (chosen so they'd stow in the boat). To follow the build on the Forum, click Gentry SOF, and for plans, click ANNABELLE.

And lastly, thanks to all who stopped by our WoodenBoat Store booth at the WoodenBoat Show held at Mystic Seaport at the end of June. One customer comment that left us smiling: "my wife says your shirts make the best rags". Hard to beat that for a testimonial. Yes, he was getting a couple of Viking T-shirts to replace his "well worn and worn well" shirts. And thanks to Shannon and the rest of the Mystic staff for once again welcoming us, and making it all run so smoothly. And, cheers to our friend Rae Anna who is retiring this month after 27 years at Mystic. And of course, thanks to Ann and Grace for tirelessly running the booth, and Chet and Jody for packing SO much stuff. I'm just happy we didn't bring it all back!

Scot & Crew

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