June 6, 2018
To: WoodenBoat Devotees

Two books from Russell Brown have just arrived. Russell does a wonderful job of taking a topic and showing the reader how to accomplish high-end results, without you having to wade through hundreds of pages to do so. If you are familiar with his Epoxy Basics book, you'll likely find both his Scarfing Basics, and the Rolling Perfection books a treat. Plus they are available as digital PDF downloads (Scarf / Roll) as well.

We've also just added a bunch of knotted things. Anklets in four colors, eyeglass lanyards in three colors, and shackle bracelets in Turquoise, Navy, and Red Fleck. The anklets easily adjust, and the bracelets are sized. Plus Monkey's Fist key rings... now in bleu blanc et rouge. And they're all hand-tied in Mystic, CT.

Did you get a chance to see the latest Small Boats Monthly? The June edition went live a few of days ago. Aside from several neat designs (including the reader built boat, an Auklet), you might check out the trailer tires piece, as there's more there than you might imagine.

Father's day is coming up on the 17th, so if you think about it now instead of on the 15th, you'll save piles on shipping. We happen to have a Father's Day section on our site, with a few suggestions. Just remember all those things your dad did for you, simply "because".

And lastly, to live a bit vicariously via some stunning photos, take a look at Haabet's "Norwegian West Coast in an Open Boat" thread on our WoodenBoat Forum. Want more of that ilk? Visit the the "oh my" Rebuilding Haabet thread from a few years ago.

Scot & Crew

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