March 28, 2018
To: WoodenBoat Devotees

We have just received some new canvas bags. One type is designed like a boat tote, and holds two standard bottles of wine (with a velcro'd divider) to keep them from clanking. Next time you're invited aboard or over your neighbor's threshold, you might want to gift them the bag and add some nice wine to it. Choose from three colors... Navy, Red, and Green (bags, not wine).

The other canvas bag is more "pouch" than bag, and is trimmed in four different colors: Orange, Green, Cobalt Blue, and Black. They have a zip top, an outside D-ring, and measure about 11" wide, 7-1/2" tall, with a 3" wide gusseted bottom. Handy storage, especially for keeping certain do-dahs together instead of free-ranging in your tote bag. They're a heckuva deal.

What's coming-up very soon? National Kite Month! And we happen to carry some pretty neat kites... Cranes, Swallows, and Ketches (in several colors). Where to store them when they aren't in the sky? The ceiling, as they make interesting mobiles. Check'em out.

If you've ordered from us recently, included with your order was a postcard about the upcoming WoodenBoat Show. And, if you haven't ordered, you're now aware that the WBShow is happening... almost the same time (June 22-24) as last year, and same place, the mahvelous Mystic Seaport Maritime Museum. In just three months from today, the show will be a wrap. Maybe you want to make your hotel reservations now.

And lastly, if you've not visited the Building & Repair section of our WoodenBoat Forum recently, there are always interesting threads there. One in particular, and testimony to the reach of these kinds of forums, is the Herreshoff Steam Engine Fabrication @ MIT thread.

-Scot & Crew

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