January 31, 2018
To: WoodenBoat Devotees

In case it's not on your radar just yet, February 14 is two weeks away. Consider gifting some exceptionally nice earrings and necklaces. And perhaps a beautifully made jewelry box in which to keep them. You'll be wise beyond your years.

Last call for 2018 calendars... we still have the Calendar of Wooden Boats (wall calendar, a dozen photos) and our WoodenBoat School Engagement Calendar (desk calendar, photo each week). Click 2018.

If you've looked at study plans but not fully understood the different lines views, we just posted a short video that may shed a little light on the subject. It features Sallee Rover, and includes what to expect (as well as what not to expect) from study plans. Take a peek if we've piqued your interest.

Tomorrow at 3pm Eastern time, the new issue of Small Boats Monthly will land on-line. Editor Christopher Cunningham gave us a preview, which includes a John Watkins' designed Drascombe Lugger, A Nova Scotian, and a Jericho Bay skiff amongst the offerings. Did your sub lapse? No worries, click Subscribe. And if you have any questions about your SBM sub, the speediest way to get answers is to email a note to our top-notch sleuths: SBM Customer Service.

Looking for something wooden boat related? You may find our Resources pages interesting. Maybe even helpful. It's a collection of links which continues to expand.

And lastly, there's a remarkable thread (now in its 5th year) on our WoodenBoat Forum. Follow a Zulu Herring Drifter in one of the prettier places on the planet, Cornwall, England.

Scot & Crew

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