December 13, 2017
To: WoodenBoat Devotees

Last night we had a delivery from our "print" shop... they do our screen-printing, embroidery, and laser etching. So we now have three Fleece Watch Caps: Sage Green, Sand, and Bright Orange. While the Bright Orange might see a bit out of character for us, it is a "safety" orange, so no matter where you are—paddling or hiking, you will be seen.

Marine Diesel Basics is a new book by Dennison Berwick which has just landed here in Brooklin. The book does an especially nice job in part because there are no photos, and instead hundreds and hundreds of clear illustrations. Click on MDB1 and you'll see the link for the full (8 pages) table of contents as well as other info. It's also very reasonably priced.

It's already time to get your first WoodenBoat issue of 2018, and we have it available in print and as a digital download. And for you collectors of the Getting Started series, volume 66 is available for download.

We have a milestone of note this week: Lorna Grant, in our Circulation office, is retiring. A fixture at WB since at least 1979, (with a few forays away from the fold, to start up a couple of different businesses), she kept coming back, and has probably worn more "hats" than anyone here. Lorna is known far and wide to readers for her gracious, helpful assistance with their subscriptions. Three cheers for Lorna!

And lastly, if you're wondering what to get your favorite reader of WoodenBoat, we have a section on our site that might get you thinking. It's the "best sellers" area.

Scot & Crew

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