November 22, 2017

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

Small Boats Annual in Digital. We now have not only the print version of Small Boats 2018, but also the PDF "digital" version. While we love our paper and ink, the digital is especially nice from an instant delivery / free shipping side of things. And that's quite helpful for deliveries outside the US. We also have all the past Small Boats issues available in digital.

Ahead of schedule. The 2018 WoodenBoat School Course Catalog is now available as a download. For those of you chomping at the bit to see what's on the plate for the 2018 season, just click Magical Kingdom to download the PDF, and start your planning. Registration opens up via phone on Tuesday, January 2, 2018. Many operators will be standing by.

Quite engaging. We have a 2018 Engagement Calendar that features a photo on each left-hand page, and a week of days on the right. That means there's space to note your spouse's birthday (and even space to add a heads-up the week prior). What's extra neat, aside from seeing the boats and projects, is the two-for-$22 offer. We're making this way too easy to just say "yes".

New table top trivets. We've just added two woven and tied (not glued) trivets to protect your table, and well as dress it up a bit. Choose from the Sailor's Knot or the Ocean Plait. Made with 1/4" cotton line. 

Inflated sails, Rybovich rebuilds, and more. That's what you'll find in the latest issue of Professional BoatBuilder magazine. We have it in print and as a digital download. You may also want to visit the PBB site, as there's some interesting info there, including Melissa Woods' reporting on a series of the Pecha Kucha talks over the years.

And lastly, a pretty neat build in progress. Larchmont Jim is building a handsome Calendar Islands Yawl from a Clint Chase kit. You can drop in on this interesting project by clicking WoodenBoat Forum. Talent abounds.

Scot & Crew

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pps: we will be closed on Thursday for the Thanksgiving holiday, and return to beautiful downtown Brooklin on Friday.