To: WoodenBoat Devotees

On the 26th we head "south" for The WoodenBoat Show. Set-up is Thursday, and show opens Friday morning at 9:00am and runs 'til 5:00pm. Same hours for Sat & Sun. If you're looking for advanced Show or Dinner Tickets you have just a couple of days left to place your order (and pick-up at the show). Cut-off is noon on Monday the 24th. And if you can only be there one day, buy your ticket at the gate and bring your super sneaks so you can see as much as possible. There's a heckuva lot of ground (and dock) to cover. Want help? We have a sneak-preview of who is exhibiting and where. Just click Show Guide.

If you've cracked-open the new July/August issue of WoodenBoat (yes, it seems to come out earlier than it used to) or downloaded the Digital 233 version, you may have noticed the review section includes a book we happen to have in-stock... The Big Book of Wooden Boat Repair by Swedish author Thomas Larsson. Good solid book, good price. And yes, we also have The Art of Wooden Boat Repair by Allen Taube, but since we mentioned it in our April 24th blast, we almost won't mention it here.

Ever been in the right place at the right time? Fortunately, we were, and we ended-up with this next book, Deer Isle's Undefeated America's Cup Crews which came to our attention when the author (very pleasant, low-key, and quite handsome... per comments from the peanut gallery) stopped by our Store in beautiful downtown Brooklin, Maine. We knew Deer Isle--across the Reach from us--was chock full of sailors, and this book ties-in their storied place in the big boat races. Since it's a brand-new book, odds are pretty good if you get it right now as a gift, your avid boaty bookee won't already have a copy.

Last but not least, the top frequently asked question is if we have a back issue on a particular topic. Long before "search" was the huge deal it is today, Anne Bray started indexing WoodenBoat magazine. The print index was followed-up by the on-line version, which is absolutely free to subscribers (and anybody else on the planet interested in what we've published). So you can find the answer to "did you publish" in a mere milliseconds. Just click WB Index to take it for a spin. Granted, if you like viewing in a more "bookish" format, for all of $1.95, you can download a PDF (which is still searchable) by clicking DigiDownload Index which has just been updated through the new WB 233.

-Scot & Crew

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