October 25, 2017
To: WoodenBoat Devotees:

Have you given Small Boats Monthly a try? In case you didn't know, you can get a freebie article when you visit the site. Better yet, plonk down $2.99 and try it for a month. We think it's a safe bet for two reasons: (A) you have access to THREE years of back issues at that $2.99 price tag, and (B) once you dive into those past issues, you're gonna be hooked. And yes, you can give a digital gift subscription so fast and easy, just click Gift Time and you're largesse is felt immediately. Plus, Small Boats Monthly articles can actually get longer over time, as folks are able to post comments. And you can sign-up to be notified anytime a new comment is made. You'll see that option at the comments section of the article. So many features!

It's already November/December, at least in WoodenBoat magazine land, and we happen to have both PRINT and DIGITAL versions available. We also have the latest edition of Getting Started in Boats in digital format, once again presented by Jan Adkins who has a long history of explaining how things are done, as with the book Moving Heavy Things. This Getting Started issue is all about practicing emergency drills.

If you've seen our latest catalog, you probably noticed amongst the offerings, pure silver pendants and matching earrings. But, the small mussel shell earrings had no matching necklace. Past tense. This week silversmith Hank Lawson delivered silver mussel shell pendants. Nautical bling completeness.

And lastly, if you've not spent some time listening to the effusive Jim "Trimaran Jim" Brown, tune into his Podcasts which now has 59 "capers", or get the podcast through iTunes, Nautical Lore. Jim Brown and John Marples have designed many trimarans, including the Seaclipper 20 plans which we recently added to our collection. You may be familiar with Jim's son, Russell, of Port Townsend Watercraft fame, and the author of Epoxy Basics. The talent runs deep.

Scot and Crew

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