October 11, 2017
To: WoodenBoat Devotees

These shirts are so new, they're not even in our new catalog. We just took delivery of an Ultralight Jersey in a bright Fern Green with Blue imprint on the front and back. These ultralight jerseys are made from recycled plastic bottles, melted, extruded, and the woven into a very soft material that is super-fast drying, so an ideal shirt on-board. Big logo on the back, small logo on the front. Check'em out.

With yesterday's deliveries to our loading dock came a box of new WoodenBoat Stickers. We had several folks let us know that they wanted a sticker just like our magnets. We obliged.

Our WoodenBoat School just completed another fab season. And although no classes are happening now, you're welcome to come by the WoodenBoat campus here in Brooklin, Maine. Another way to see more about the school is with our 2018 WoodenBoat School Engagement Calendar. It has a different image from the School each week on the left-hand page. And the facing page has the days of the week with enough space to jot your appointments, birthdays, and anniversaries. It's a reminder of the way schooling should be.

We've seen a recent spike in interest in William Hand designs. If you weren't aware, we do have some of his designs from old Motorboating magazines as a part of our WoodenBoat Library Collection. These are all instant digital downloads, so you can be looking at them in minutes rather than days from now.

In the "we didn't want you to miss-out" reminder mode, the nifty the $10 rebate of the SOS Light ends this Saturday. Dilly-dally not.

And lastly, if you have a few minutes, peruse some neat Norfolk Broads (UK) photographs from the 1880s. The link was posted by builder Michael Jones on our WoodenBoat Forum.

-Scot and Crew

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