September 27, 2017

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

If you have a preference for comfortable clothing, check out the newest variations of our long sleeve hooded jerseys: Navy with Green printing, and Gray with a Dark Red ink. We introduced the Periwinkle and Seafoam shirts at the WoodenBoat Show a couple of months ago, and they seem to have struck a chord. Take a look: Hooded Jerseys.

Get Smacked! Oyster Smacked, that is. Thanks to "isla" in Scotland for posting some neat Oyster Smacks (Videos) on our well-traveled WoodenBoat Forum.

Scot and Crew

ps: Sorry for the very short note this round. We're having some technical difficulties that happen when we have more than a couple of items in the e-newsletter. Hopefully we'll figure it within the next two weeks. Or perhaps it's the interwebs letting us know we need to keep it really brief.