September 13, 2017

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

If you've wanted to help someone understand how to interpret boat drawings / study plans, we have a handy visual aid: the Catspaw Dinghy Lines Model. Download, print on 8-1/2 x 11 paper, cut out, assemble, and you have a model of the Catspaw Dinghy that shows profile, the sections (station molds), a waterline plane, a buttock line plane, and a diagonal line plane.

WoodenBoat editor Matt Murphy reminds us that the International Maritime Film Festival is coming right up... Sept 29 – Oct 1, and will once again be held in Bucksport at the Alamo Theater. For details, check out I M F F. And if you're thinking of coming to Maine for this event, you may want to look at t our Visiting Brooklin page, as we've included some favorite spots in the area, and not limited it just to beautiful downtown Brooklin. On Friday, a bonus to this year's event is a free film showing down at the Bucksport town docks. The movie is projected on the sail of ACTRESS a Murray Peterson brigantine schooner. Click Tickets to see the myriad of options, including staying aboard ACTRESS.

Our latest catalog is in the mail. Can't wait? You can download a copy right now. Or, when visiting our Store site homepage, you'll see the cover with the pretty Haven 12-1/2 and our Boathouse in the background. You can click that cover to download. Inside the catalog you'll find many images from our WoodenBoat School 2018 Engagement Calendar.

Yesterday was the 31st annual Schooner Rendezvous here at the WoodenBoat Waterfront. If you've not made it to that event, take a look at the Windjammer Association slideshow of the party. It doesn't show our crowded Store, which was a happy mob scene. The book that flew off the shelves? Fred LeBlanc's Windjammer's Downeast, of course.

And lastly, if you want to obtain latitude, longitude, and elevation above sea level, we've just added a site that uses Google Maps and adds the extra info. It's on our Store Site Resources page listed near the top as well as under the oh-so alliterative Mostly Maritime Miscellany section.

Scot and Crew

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