August 30, 2017

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

If you've been considering an SOS light to replace your on-board flares, here's a little extra incentive. The manufacturer has a $10 rebate deal for orders placed between now and October 15. Order the SOS light from us and we'll include the rebate info with your order. Pretty easy.

For years we've heard the comment that the bad thing about WoodenBoat magazine is, it only comes out every other month. Nope, we're not changing that. But, you can get a "fix" every thirty days with Small Boats Monthly. And the September issue is just about to hit – this Friday, noon west-coast time, and 3pm eastern. Two of the items included in the line-up: adapting a leeboard to an Escargot canal boat, and Clint Chase Drake Race Boat, with flair. Bow flair, that is.

If you've noticed our nifty new laser-etched Cherry boxes that the WoodenBoat Digital Complete Collection now comes in, or several beautifully made jewelry boxes, then you may be interested in our pocket compass in a teak box with inlay. It's made by the same folks, and is quite handy, with a precise fitting slide-out lid.

Back on our shelf, with a slightly more colorful cover, is our fifth printing of the book Lofting. Written by Alan Vaitses, it's considered a classic on the topic. And if you've been waiting (it was out of stock for a month or so) we can ship it today.

Congratulations go out to Mike O'Brien, long-time editor here at WoodenBoat, he's now in semi-retirement. Mike still edits the Designs column and publishes Boat Design Quarterly, and is a frequent guest lecturer at our WoodenBoat School. Some retirement! This past weekend Mike was the recipient of the Edgar B. Caffrey award: "Given to a person who has made a substantial contribution to preserving our maritime heritage." Past winners include Olin Stephens, Louie Howland, and Jon Wilson. The award was presented at the Antique and Classic Boat Festival in Salem, MA. Mike has also recently published the book Good Sailboat Designs. Three cheers for Mike!

And lastly, the Schooner Sail-in at the WoodenBoat waterfront is coming up on Tuesday, September 12. If you are in the area and just happen to be looking for something to do, you are most welcome to descend on our waterfront. A dozen of the coasting schooners gather—it's quite the photo-op. Plus there is steel band music to add to the festive atmosphere. If you're looking for info on the schooners, this book by Fred LeBlanc, Windjammers Downeast is pretty nice. And if you're into black and white photography, the Neal Parent book Focused on the Coast has plenty of boats.

Scot and Crew

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