July 19, 2017

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

It's mid-July, which means 2018 is just half-way around the corner. And that means we now have more 2018 calendars available. Aside from our new WBS Engagement Calendar, both the Calendar of Wooden Boats and the Wooden Canoe Calendar are now available. It's always interesting how some folks really do plan ahead, getting their calendars now.

While we were exhibiting at The WoodenBoat Show, Joe Youcha (founder of "Teaching to Build") brought by his three new books for us. They were quite popular with folks attending the show, and we now have them in stock here in Brooklin. They're all about boatbuilding math: Framing Square Math, Bevin's Guide to Boatbuilding Math, and Afternoons in the Boatshop. They are worth a look.

The film Vanishing Sail was previewed at the WoodenBoat Show, and we happen to get a bunch of copies. If boatbuilding in the islands might pique your interest, click that link, and you can watch a trailer for the film. It was reviewed in WB 256. Spoiler: the reviewer liked it.

And lastly, a couple of upcoming events: "Old Ironsides" gets splashed in Boston, July 23. And Saturday Aug 5 is the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta where over 100 beautiful wooden boats will race. It starts and finishes at our WoodenBoat waterfront. If you've not been here before, our Visiting Brooklin page is handy for finding everything from boatyards to food to parks. And, for happenings all over, see the WoodenBoat Events Calendar.

Scot and Crew

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