June 7, 2017

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

We've added several new items, and some of them are kind of fancy. Our new WoodenBoat Rocks Glasses are hand blown (actually "mouth" blown), crystal (the good kind without the lead) and have the WoodenBoat logo deeply cut into this weighty glass. Elegant on-board or at home. They might even enhance the taste of whatever you're sippin'. They come gift boxed in sets of four.

We also have two neat new bottle openers: a WoodenBoat logo'd version, and a Forested version. Wood and metal, about the size of a credit card, these are from the talented folks at Joyo Designs, who also created our Cuff Bracelets.

Need a sailing hat? There are two newbies in our line-up. These have a stiff front "bill" of a brim, and are highly rated on the sunblock scale. The distinction between the two (aside from the color) is the width of the brim. The Osprey has a narrow brim on the sides of the hat. While the other, the Navy Seahawk, has a traditional width brim, adding to the sun protection-ness. Both hats are made by Shelta, and include their tag and reflective logo, so they're unencumbered with more logos.

We're pleased to tell you the Schroder Breast Drills are finally back in stock. Built in Germany, they are two-speed, with a 1/2" chuck, T-handle, heavy-duty hand drills. And zero electrical components.

While several of the above items might fit the bill for this upcoming Father's Day (3rd Sunday in June, signed into law in 1972 by Richard Nixon...) we thought we should remind you it's really not all about him. You can pick-up something nice for her, too: Golden Wave Dangly Earrings, as well as Clam Shell Dangly Earrings or Silver Paddle Dangly Earrings. After all, happy wife, happy life.

In-house fount of knowledge on all things WoodenBoat Library, WB Facebook, and general wooden boaty goings-on, Pat Lown tells us if you go to the WoodenBoat Show (June 30-July 2), you're in for a huge extra treat: tours of the biggest coolest Viking ship DRAKEN HARALD HARFAGRE. Click that link to get tour tickets. If you hadn't yet decided about attending this year's show, we think the scales just got tipped. There is a $6 fee, not part of the show admission, which helps support this incredible ship. Want to know more about the boat? We still have some copies of the book (just leave a note in the ordering "comments" field if you want to pick-up at the show): Draken (Dragon) Harald.

And lastly, folks with a heavy case of "boats on the brain" don't just build boats or go boating. Take a look at this thread on our WoodenBoat Forum which features drawings/paintings of boats and boat bits. Oh to have that kind of talent: Some Drawings.

-Scot & Crew

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