May 24, 2017

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

This is a fun week for us because much like the swallows' return to Capistrano, we have our first sign of the upcoming season—WoodenBoat School alumni returning to Brooklin to help prepare the shops and waterfront for summer students. And, by coincidence (okay, perhaps just a bit of planning) our newly published WoodenBoat School Engagement Calendar 2018 has just arrived. Each left-hand page has a color photo from waterfront or shop courses, and the right-hand page a week of days with space to jot your reminders. Does anyone use engagement calendars anymore? We're about to find out.

"Little boxes, little boxes," but they're not made of ticky-tack. (Careful, you might have that tune in your head the rest of the day.) These are reclaimed cherry, with lids that you almost don't see because of the precise cutting, plus they have a fancy logo laser etched on top. You can either pay $20 for the box or $170. The difference, aside from $150, is the higher priced version has gold inside. Not the precious metal version, but the precious digital kind—all the back issue of WoodenBoat on a USB flash drive. That works out to less than 70 cents per issue. Click Back Issue Collection for the skinny.

Historian, writer, publisher Stan Grayson has just come out with a killer good book. A Man for All Oceans looks to follow in the footsteps of some of the most popular books we've offered. That's because Stan's detective work has focused on what made the truly remarkable Joshua Slocum "tick". While Slocum was a national figure back in the day because of his single-handed sail around the world, his penchant to obfuscate his own back story has obscured our understanding of the man. Until now. A very good read, published in hardcover, it's a book worthy of gifting.

Another new item that may be of interest falls into the jewelry line of things. Our WoodenBoat Cuff Bracelets feature Cherry or Walnut wood on top of silver brushed aluminum, backed with ultrasuede. We asked the folks at Joyo Designs to create a bracelet for us, and they presented us with two options. Choosing was easy: we liked them both. Select from "Great Cove" or "Naskeag" designs.

And lastly... got plans for the upcoming holiday weekend? If you're on the left coast of the US, the Master Mariners 150th (yes, 150) Annual Regatta takes place. We weren't even sure California was a state back then, but Siri told us that happened in 1850. See Ted Hoppe's posting on our WoodenBoat Forum. Folks are already getting their photo requests in.

-Scot & Crew

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