To: WoodenBoat Devotees

If you enjoy looking at boats (geez, I hope so!) and specifically boat lines drawings, then you'll no doubt be interested in this exclusive peek at the brand new issue of Boat Design Quarterly magazine. Preview includes Front Cover, Editor's page, Table of Contents, and the cover-featured design. Plus it's actually available right now, so you can order that issue or any of the back issues. Publisher Mike O'Brien was senior editor at WoodenBoat for over 20 years, and is currently the Designs editor, in addition to producing his own magazine.

Tool time: the Utili-key and Micro-pliers are small, but about as handy as they come — because either one can hang on your keyring. They also get check marks in the high quality, smart gift, and great price tick-boxes. Follows that whole good things/small packages train of thought.

And, in both the new and different categories... we are offering a monkey's fist knot that weighs-in at 7 lbs. Used as a doorstop, it's certainly more interesting than a door wedge. Of course, you can rig it with a block and make an automatic door closer — and probably lots of other uses of increasing complexity to make even the likes of Rube Goldberg proud. We have a 4lb version in a sailor's knot configuration, too.

With WoodenBoat School alumni now here and getting the School campus spiffed-up for the season, we just had to mention Jerry Cumbo's Carving Waterfowl course. Jerry was the School's shop manager for years, and upon semi-retirement, he's been teaching folks to carve. Click that link for more details, and to see his handsome work. There are a couple of slots available in his week-long class which starts on June 2. Jump on it. Odds are this will be your very best week of 2013.

And finally, in that six degrees of separation side of things, you are just a few degrees from the coolest video from space. Dave Hadfield of our WoodenBoat Forum "family" is the brother of Chris Hadfield, recent commander of the Space Station. Chris, like Dave, is also a musician, and put together the ultimate music video to David Bowie's Space Oddity (aka Ground Control to Major Tom). Don't miss it.

Scot & Crew

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