April 26, 2017

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

This note is a bit long, so we'll type fast.... Tides is a brand new book, written by Jonathan White. WoodenBoat editor Matt Murphy dropped in at the Store a few weeks ago to suggest it to us, and we were immediately on board. Subtitled "The Science and Spirit of the Ocean", it's one of those all-to-rare combinations of good read and good science. And it's a book you will likely hear more and more about, plus it's in stock right now.

The May/June issue of WoodenBoat is now available. That pretty cover shot can almost turn 3-D if you stare at it long enough, and we have it in print and in digital formats. Also now available is the latest Getting Started, No. 62. It's included with this new issue, or you can download it right now: Bristol Fashion, part 2, which is another issue written and illustrated by the multi-talented Jan Adkins.

If you're near enough to Mystic Seaport on April 30th, you might want to catch the screening of The Restorer's Journey. It's the beginning of the east coast tour by film makers Life on the Water. Jon Wilson will be there too, doing the Q&A, plus Louie Howland does the intro. To reserve: Old Mistic Village Luxury Cinemas.

With Mother's Day coming in a few weeks, you could get her a rugged unisex cut WoodenBoat Sweatshirt, but the smart money is on one of several necklaces and earrings we've just added to our collection. Silver necklaces include an elegant paddle, a cleat, and a boat hook. And for silver earrings, you'll find dangly cleats, dangly paddles, plus small studded cleats. They'll arrive in a teak and glass box, and just ask—we'll gift box at no extra charge. You're on your own for gift boxing if you go with the sweatshirt.

A Sam Devlin designed outboard cruiser graces the front cover of the brand new Boat Design Quarterly, issue 47. And as usual, publisher Mike O'Brien includes four other designs well worth your while. And whilst considering BDQ, take a peek at Mike's "best of BDQ" book, Good Sailboat Designs.

Swallows and Cranes... (as opposed to Swallows and Amazons) are the latest in our kite collection. We took them out for a spin yesterday, and even with a very light breeze these birds took off. We also have them hanging like mobiles, in our Store.

And lastly, you may know we're off the beaten track here in Brooklin, Maine. So if you're coming to visit, odds are you might want to know what else is going on in the area. Just in time for the WoodenBoat School opening and summer visitors, we've compiled a page of links of places to visit—including a boatyard crawl/map. It's chock full of everything from food to parks. Take a look at Visiting Brooklin.

-Scot & Crew

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