April 12, 2017

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

If you were to walk into our Store this week, we hope you would look "up", as the almost invisible monofilament we've strung makes our colorful new Ketch Kites appear to be flying—even when the windows aren't open. Can't make it to Brooklin? No worries. We've been doing mail order since forever, so we'll get your order to you tout suite.

Our new "Resources" page has so many listings, you might spend more time there than expected. The Earth Nullschool link under the Weather / Charts section is a case in point. Be sure to zoom in, and click that earth text for all kinds of neat overlays, as well as other languages. And you'll notice we've featured a new link near the top of the page called Herreshoff Catalog Raisonné. It's worth your while. Created by Claas van der Linde, one of the co-authors of the Herreshoff: American Masterpieces book, the site has a variety of ways to find info: click on the wall of images, use the search function, and try the pull-downs. While you're there, check out NELLIE. You can even see the construction record. Here's a handy tie-in: we're sharing an article from WoodenBoat No. 216 on Herreshoff's NELLIE. If you're new to the "shared" article concept, it's a feature of our digital subscription offering. You can email, share on social media, and send a URL as we've done in this note.

While we rely heavily on texting and email for getting and keeping in touch, sometimes a written note, in actual handwriting, is in order. Yes, we just produced a set of very affordable WoodenBoat School Notecards. The pack includes eight cards—four images (two of each) and envelopes. Plus we've included information about the pictured boats on the on back of the card. Insides are blank, so get out your favorite pen, and go ahead... make someone's day. And keep a spot clear on your desk for another WoodenBoat School related item coming in late May.

Summertime planning? Advance tickets for the WoodenBoat Show (Mystic, CT) are now available, and if you and your family ever considered building a boat at the show, you can now sign-up. Click Show Bits for more Show info, and links.

And lastly, we'd be misguiding you if we only pointed out sailboat builds on our WoodenBoat Forum. Take a look at the talented and prolific Reynard38's BETTY build. That's a 22' diesel launch designed by Harry Bryan, and yes, you'll find a link to Harry's site on our Resources page.

-Scot & Crew

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