March 29, 2017

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

We were going to tie-in three new items with a mention of the Paul Gartside (of Plans and Dreams fame) Boat Design course coming this summer at our WoodenBoat School. But Kim (who knows these things) tells us that course has already maxed out. Think of this as incentive to get crackin' on your summer plans for a week or two at the MagicalKingdom (we good, Walt?). Granted, you don't actually have to sign-up for a design course to use the drafting tools we've just added to our line-up. They include a set of 6 Ship's Curves, a set of 8 French Curves, plus a 24" Flexible Curve which has an aluminum core to hold its shape, and includes both metric and inches for measuring. And... for classes that aren't full, contact Kim.

What has over 850,000 views and over 4300 posts? It's Jim Ledger's Lofting the Brewer Catboat thread on our WoodenBoat Forum. Although we pointed it out awhile ago, you might want to drop-in if you haven't lately. It's pretty amazing. Another building thread we've mentioned in the past which you might also want to revisit, is the Greg Lee Taylor thread on building William Garden's Tom Cat. Yes, we did publish the Tom Cat book.

And lastly, we hesitate to mention the following items in our newsletter, as we think they're really geared for the folks who come into our Store in the summer, with their wee beasties. But you might want to take a look at this new section anyway: Kiddo Puzzles, Blocks, and Pop-outs. We have no shame in getting them hooked early, on all things related to boats.

-Scot & Crew

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