March 15, 2017

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

We've just added a "reviews" feature to our Store site so you can comment on items you've received from us. If you go into an item, like the book Canoe Rig, you'll see info about the book, plus a tab you can click to write a review. As this is a new feature, there are no reviews to actually read yet—but plenty of writing space!

Our March 1st newsletter mentioned the new issue of Small Boats Monthly was coming out later that day. While we had a preview of what was to come, it wasn't posted, so we had yet to read the Editor's page. You've probably already figured out that Christopher Cunningham is the real deal when it comes to small boats... be it daily, weekly, or monthly. But it's quite a treat when he chimes in with these personal bits from his past. He actually met/stayed the night at the Hubbards, of Shantyboat fame, and that's just neat. Be sure to see his March 3rd reply to a posted comment, and see if it produces a warm laugh from you, too. Of course, if you like what you see, subscribing is the magic trick to not missing out. Google has scored the SBM site 99/100 on the mobile friendly scale, so give it a try on your phone or tablet.

And lastly, based on response from our prior "article share"*, the WoodenBoat Design reviews seem to strike a chord. So here's another: FLEET, which is a Ross Lillistone design. Happy reading. We not only offer the printed plans, yesterday we added the digital download version. And, one more thing... (in our best Steve Jobs mode, when he was about to announce something "extra" that was a big plus) when you get to the end of that article, keep on clicking. You can also read about UKPIK, a fantasy design requested by Ben Fuller.

-Scot & Crew

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* Article Sharing is a feature of the on-line version of WoodenBoat magazine. When you log into your issue, you can share an article with others via email, over a dozen social media outlets, and as a URL, as we've done in this note. Sharing is good for you.

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