March 1, 2017

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

If you like to learn about stuff, and especially wood-related stuff, you'll not get a bigger bang for your buck than an Eric Sloane book. We just received his A Reverence for Wood, which is chock-full of all kinds of information about wood in America over the last several hundred years. His artwork and diagrams will add so much to your understanding and enjoyment, we bet you'll be telling friends and family about this one. And if your internal data bank is lacking in that one area "everybody complains about, but nobody does anything about"... check out his Weather Book.

We now have the Atkin boat plans for Ninigret in both print and digital format. If you're outside the US, the digital download version makes a world of sense. And, if you're not all that familiar with Ninigret, you'll find this piece published in 2010 quite interesting. Click Shared WB Article to read all about it. We're "sharing" this article with you via our digital WoodenBoat magazine. BTW, if you are a subscriber to the WoodenBoat Digital issue, you too can share articles. There is a slick option to encourage you to email the article, or send a URL (like we just did) or, post on over a dozen different social media platforms. Share what you love about WoodenBoat.

It's small boat heaven this afternoon (noon west coast, 3pm eastern US) because the new March issue of Small Boats Monthly will be on-line, and editor Christopher Cunningham was kind enough to supply us with a sneak-preview. March includes a John Welsford super-quick build beach cruiser, a 20' Devlin dory, a simple shop-made tiller minder, a small faering Chris built back in 1986, and a product review of the Aqua Bug outboard... lightweight, and inexpensive. And of course, there's more.

If you are in a warm climate you can cool down in a virtual way with a drone's eye view of our WoodenBoat Store, shot by WoodenBoat magazine art director James Bartick. We hope to bring you more of his moving pictures portfolio in the future. Okay James... the pressure is ON.

And lastly, as it's now March, it's time to think about the upcoming WoodenBoat Show. You might say a late June show means we're jumping the gun, but chatter on our WoodenBoat Forum says au contraire. Folks in the know are already making room reservations in beautiful downtown Mystic, CT.

-Scot & Crew

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