February 15, 2017

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

Are you still buying WoodenBoat on the newsstand? Want to save a whopping 40% off that price? Then Hurry Hurry Hurry... Step Right Up... (in your best carny-barker voice) because we have a heckuva deal for you on a WoodenBoat Magazine subscription. What's the catch? There isn't one. There are three: (1) only US Delivery for print (digitals get the discount for delivery anywhere in the world), (2) Feb 22 deadline (that's just 7 days, folks), and, (3) you must use this link for the deal: $25 WB Sub Deal for Store Enewsletter Devotees. There will be no mercy for late-comers. One more plus: if you use this offer and your prior subscription hasn't finished, no worries. Our subscription folks will simply tack it on to where your current sub ends. No duplicate issues will land in your mailbox. Aside from 40% off the newsstand price, this deal saves you $7.00 off the subscription price.

More WoodenBoat magazine bits: the new March/April issue is now available in print and digital format. Good thing, because this blizzardly February is the kind of month that needs some March/April. A touch of May/June would be nice, too.

Are you a Getting Started series fan? The latest, issue #61, (in the March/April issue) is also available as a stand-alone digital download. Just click Bristol Fashion: Storing and Caring for Line, which is another in the line of Jan Adkins pieces. Jan's the guy who did our wonderful Moving Heavy Things book. No doubt we've mentioned this book before, but, it's the coolest.

The master of all things WB Website-wise, Greg S just gave us a heads-up that he's added a few more features... an article "from the current issue", as well as a couple of "extended content" pieces. Haven't been there lately? It's a click away: WoodenBoat.com.

What's new in plans, digitally speaking? We have the Joel White Peapod (reminder: there's a nice piece on that boat in current Small Boats Monthly) and we also just added the 1/4" scale America Half-Model, which will take up a bit less shop space than the Peapod.

And lastly, here are a few postings on our WoodenBoat Forum to inspire you: a Shellback builder who clearly loves woodworking, posted Shellback for Zuri. And, another thread on building oars has a reminder link to the maker's oh-so handsome skin-on-frame build, 16' "Hela". Remarkable.

-Scot & Crew

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