February 1, 2017

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

You folks must rate! Christopher Cunningham, editor of our digital mag Small Boats Monthly, is posting the new February issue on line right now. That's 6 hours earlier than usual, just so you can see it when this note goes out to you. And (as usual) it's worth the look-see with features on a 4-way clamping system to ensure flat panels when you edge-glue, getting around the shallow water by poling, a Joel White Peapod, and a lapstrake camp-cruiser that is so pretty, your heart may go pitapat.

There's always room for dessert — and new books: A History of Sailing in 100 Objects is a bit like dessert, as it's packed with treats — "things" that have had an impact throughout nautical history. Hardcover, 224 pages, it might be that ideal gift to bring when you've been invited over for dinner.

Thanks to Robert Ayliffe's request (Stray Dog Boatworks in OZ), we just added the 7'7" Nutshell Pram Digital Plans to our digital downloads plans collection. Robert has a client who needs the pram built pronto. Downloading saved Robert about two weeks, not to mention a chunk of airmail fees. If you're outside the US, the digital plans make a lot of sen$e.

Speaking of OZ... the Australian Wooden Boat Festival is coming right up... Feb 10-13 in Hobart. It's a really big show. I can almost hear Ed Sullivan.

We've updated our annual sets of digital back issues, so they now go through 2016. These are especially helpful if you purchased our stick a few years ago, and want to top-up. These sets will save you some pesos.

And lastly, if you've not poked around our fairly lively WoodenBoat Forum in a bit, you may have missed this thread about pedal boats. It includes a handsome laminated prop, several clips on pedaling, as well as paddle use and paddling. It's in the Designs-Plans section of the WB Forum. Thanks, bgoldthorpe.

-Scot & Crew

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